We will have teams available to advise you on the help and support available to you throughout your studies, including learning support, financial support and travel schemes.

Student Services

Students Services will be available to discuss any personal issues and give you guidance on availability of financial support.  They can be contacted on 020 8268 2938 or by email student.services@kingston-college.ac.uk.

Initial Screening / Additional Learning Support

All Students will be asked to complete a diagnostic test from home – this is called BKSB.

This will not be used to determine your offer, but to ascertain if you may need help with your studies whilst at the College.

If you are unable to complete this at home you will be asked to do so during enrolment or during your induction week.

If you would like to discuss this please contact learning.support@kingston-college.ac.uk.

Safeguarding at Kingston College

The safeguarding of all young people and vulnerable adults is fully embraced by everyone at the College. If you have any concerns or if you feel unsafe please talk to a member of staff immediately or email us on referral.team@kingston-college.ac.uk.

If you have a disability or learning difference

We need to ensure that you have the right support for your enrolment and your course. If you have a disability/learning difference and would like to discuss this please contact Learning.Support@Kingston-college.ac.uk.

Criminal Convictions

You will be asked to disclose if you have any criminal convictions. This unlikely to affect your enrolment but you may be asked to provide additional information. This will allow us to provide support when necessary. Please note if you fail to disclose a criminal conviction and we are subsequently informed of this you may face disciplinary action.

Money to Study

If you are studying for a qualification up to and including Level 3, there are a range of financial options available to you’ Please see our website for further information or come and talk to a member of the Student Services Team in the Sports Hall. For undergraduates studying an HNC or HND, Foundation or Degree courses please see our website for information about financial support.